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Lightning-Link Antibody Labeling Kits

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Lightning-LinkTM Antibodyh Labeling Kits

Antibody conjugation kits from Novus simplify the antibody labeling process. You can now label almost any primary antibody in less than 30 seconds hands-on time. Choose from over 40 enzymatic, fluorescent, or biotin labels for use in western blot, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, or your application of choice.

A Labeled Antibody in 3 Short Steps

Available Conjugates:

Tips for Antibody Labeling

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To determine if your antibody is compatible with Lightning-LinkTM Antibody Labeling Kits use the chart below or visit Support Kits and Services for Antibody Labeling.

1. Buffers and Additives

The presence of low molecular weight substances in commercially available antibodies impacts the efficiency of the labeling process. Common antibody additives such as BSA, glycine, and azide contain lysine residues. As the majority of labeling methods exploit the lysine residue, forming a strong bond between the lysine and conjugate, any primary amine containing additive will be conjugated during the labeling reaction.

2. Antibody Concentration and Purity

For efficient labeling, we recommend an antibody be greater than 95% pure and at a concentration greater than 0.5 mg/ml. We do not recommend conjugating antibodies harvested from ascites fluid, crude serum, or hybridoma culture supernatant. These antibodies contain protein and cell culture nutrients (amino acids) that impact conjugation. If your antibody is provided in one of these formulations, we recommend a purification or concentration step to remove unwanted additives prior to antibody labeling.