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Complete Listing of Quantikine HS ELISA Kits

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Quantikine High Sensitivity ELISA Kits are complete assays generally used when very low levels of the target protein are expected. These kits utilize distinct protocols to achieve their impressive levels of analyte detection.


  • Detect femtogram levels of protein
  • Complete ready-to-use kits
  • Exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility
  • Detailed protocol booklets include inter- and intra-assay precision, recovery, linearity, sensitivity, and sample value data
  • Colorimetric detection
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With the amplification system shown in Figure 1, an alkaline phosphatase-based amplification leads to the formation of a colored product. Other kits utilize a polymeric streptavidin-HRP conjugate as shown in Figure 2. Please refer to Product Datasheet for kit-specific information.

Kit Contents

Kit contents may vary slightly. Please refer to product-specific inserts for a complete list of contents for each individual assay.

  • Pre-coated 96-well Microplate
  • Conjugated Detection Antibody
  • Calibrated Immunoassay Standard
  • Assay Diluent
  • Calibrator Diluent(s)
  • Wash Buffer
  • Substrate and Substrate Diluent or Color Reagent A and B
  • Amplifier and Amplifier Diluent or Streptavidin Polymer-HRP and Streptavidin Polymer-HRP diluent
  • Stop Solution
  • Plate Sealers