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Custom Protein Services – Protein , Purification, Modification

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Expedite Your Protein Development

Solve your protein development and production problems by leveraging the scientific expertise behind the industry’s gold-standard proteins. Ensure your critical reagents meet your unique specifications by utilizing R&D Systems recombinant protein services.

Take advantage of R&D Systems decades of experience in recombinant protein development and manufacturing. We have the systems, strategies, capabilities and capacity to address many of the most common challenges.

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Protein Services

Protein Production

We have produced thousands of proteins from >50 species, many not yet listed in our catalog. Your protein of interest may be available immediately or a custom protein can be synthesized from gene cloning to active protein.

Protein Development

Intended Use Driven Manufacturing

Develop a new recombinant protein under the stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Animal-Free quality requirements necessary for use as ex vivo cell therapy reagents or ancillary proteins. Or convert an existing R&D Systems RUO protein to meet your intended use.

GMP Protein Services

In Vitro Modification

Small to large scale protein conjugation with highly QC tested end material. Conjugate proteins to one of the many fluorophores available, biotin, PEG, or utilize other chemical labels to create a product that fits your experimental needs.

Custom Conjugation

What to Expect


Our recombinant protein services utilize the same stringent quality we use for our catalog products. Test for accuracy by N-terminal sequencing, activity by our >900 validated bioassays, and bioburden including microbial and endotoxin testing.


Get clear guidance on each step with a dedicated assigned project manager and access to the development scientists. High success rate due to our full stop multi-faceted approach. You will only be billed for milestones completed.


Ensure the succes of your project with dynamic decision making. We test a variety of transfections, expression systems, and purification strategies for your benefit.


Our optimized protocols and protein expression expertise allow our scientists to scale to meet your needs. Start with mg amounts to perform initial testing and progress to gram amounts as needed.

About Us

Bio-Techne has a long history of providing our customers with the highest quality proteins on the market. Our team of scientists are dedicated to utilizing our vast experience and our cutting-edge expression and purification procedures to give our customers the best proteins available. We offer extensive analytical capabilities and bioassay services to ensure a custom protein has the physical characteristics and bioactivity that our customers require. We pride ourselves as having the highest standards of quality and our custom protein projects are always our number one priority.

  • Anthony Person, Ph.D.
    Sr. Director of Protein Development, R&D Systems

About Us

Bioassay Activity Testing

Test your compound or protein for activity using over 900 R&D Systems QC validated bioactivity assays.

With more than 4,000 bioactive proteins developed and tested, and over 3,000 small molecules available to modulate responses, no other company matches our bioassay experience.

Point Mutations

We can introduce disease-related point mutations to recombinant proteins in our catalog. Most protein variants that are associated with disease induce a specific change in protein structure and/or function. We’ll test the effects of the mutation on activity using the validated QC bioassay that supports the wild-type protein.

Protein Characterization Services

Receive catalog product or proteins developed from scratch fully characterized to your specifications.

  • Concentration determination by NanoDrop
  • Purity by SDS-PAGE
  • Aggregation by SEC-HPLC
  • Endotoxin levels by LAL
  • Mass spectrometry analyses
  • Custom fill and finish