Chemistry Services


Our History

Since the early 1980s, Tocris Bioscience has been established as a leading global supplier of innovative, exceptional quality reagents for life science research. The Tocris range contains over 3,500 products, the majority of which are synthesized in-house, highlighting the expertise of our chemistry team.

Our Approach

We begin by listening. We understand that the needs of our customers are unique, and we will take the time to establish your requirements, whether it be for individual products or longer term collaborations. We will also put in place the necessary confidentiality agreement to give peace of mind that your intellectual property will be respected.

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Custom Synthesis

We specialize in mg to kg scale synthesis of complex organic molecules including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), amino acids, peptides, scaffolds, building blocks, rare organics, and specialty fine chemicals.

Available Custom Synthesis Services

  • Compounds requiring complex multistep chemistry
  • Chiral synthesis and resolution/separation of enantiomers
  • Stable labelling (both 13C and 2H are routine) and radiolabelling/imaging precursors
  • Route development
  • Conjugation chemistry
  • Synthesis and extraction of natural products

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Chemical Sourcing

Our global supply network is second to none. We can provide access to a reliable and sustainable source of high quality products including carbohydrates, prostaglandins, natural products, APIs, and peptides.

Available Chemical Sourcing Services

  • Extraction and supply of natural products from specialist phytochemical companies
  • APIs sourced from a global network of suppliers
  • Specialized fine chemicals such as carbohydrates, nucleotides, prostaglandins, and fermentation products
  • Bulk intermediates
  • Synthesis of modified (e.g., biotinylated) and unmodified peptide chains

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Chemical Analysis

We can provide complete analytical support, with comprehensive QC data packages or individual analytical techniques including multinuclear NMR, HPLC, MS, LC-MS, IR, optical rotation, and micro-analysis.

Available Chemical Analysis Services

  • NMR spectroscopy (300 MHz; 1H; 13C; 31P; 19F; 2D spectra such as NOSEY HETCOR; variable temp; nOe). Higher field NMR up to 600MHz is available on request.
  • Electrospray MS, other techniques available on request
  • HPLC / LCMS (including Reverse Phase, Normal Phase, HILIC and Chiral stationary phases)
  • Method development and data interpretation
  • GC (Chiral and non-chiral columns)
  • Optical rotation, microanalysis, FT-IR
  • Preparative HPLC (1-10s gram capability, UV/Vis or MS detection)
  • Preparative SFC (1-10s gram capability, chiral separations)

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Custom Compound Libraries from Tocris

In addition to our off-the-shelf range of Tocriscreen compound libraries, we offer a custom compound library service. Our customer service team and scientifically trained personnel will be pleased to help you create a unique compound library, designed to meet your exact screening requirements.

View Tocriscreen compound libraries

Tailor Your Library

  • Select compounds from our list of available compounds
  • Specify your desired quantities
  • Choose between dry/solid format or in DMSO
  • Stipulate the tube, vial, or plate to complement your compound handling system