Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Proteins

R&D Systems is the world’s premiere source of recombinant proteins. Extensive quality control produces industry leading bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency that instills confidence in results and ensures reproducibility.

Quality Control

Our proteins work the first time and perform reproducibly for every manufactured lot.Find out why.

Bulk Recombinant Proteins

We have the ability to scale up protein production to meet your needs. Economical pricing means you don’t have to sacrifice quality to meet your budget.

Custom Protein Development

Utilize our expertise in cloning, expression, purification, conjugation, and formulation to create the protein of your choice.

GMP-grade Recombinant Proteins

R&D Systems offers the largest selection of GMP proteins. Learn more about our GMP-grade proteins and manufacturing processes.

Non-Catalog Proteins

Not finding what you need? There are thousands of proteins not found on our website. Inquire today!

Animal-Free Recombinant Proteins

We have dedicated facilities, equipment, and reagents to manufacture proteins with no exposure to animal byproducts.

Bioassay Services

We have experience with over 900 established bioassays. Save setup and optimization time by partnering with our bioassay team.

ProDots® Recombinant Proteins

Avoid aliquotting with our single use vials of lyophilized ProDots proteins that can be rolled directly into cell culture media.

CellXVivo™ Immune Cell Differentiation Kits

Optimized cytokine formulations and protocols for the differentiation and expansion of dendritic cells, T cell subtypes, B cells, and regulatory T cells.

Unique Model Organisms

From mammals and amphibians to bacteria and viruses. R&D Systems offers proteins that support research in a variety of important model organisms.

Active Biotinylated Proteins

To ensure specificity, biotinylated proteins are tested in the same bioassay as the unconjugated form.