Custom ELISA Assay

Custom ELISA Assay Services


Mellitus was looking for a development partner to assist the Company in converting its research assay to a commercially viable in vitro diagnostic. We had firsthand knowledge of the exquisite technical expertise residing within R&D Systems. With its focus on assisting clients to optimize assay reagent formulations and achieve target product performance criteria, we knew we had found the right partner. The group we are working with is very diligent in effectively completing jointly designed experiments and optimizing assay component configurations to meet design requirements. The team is timely, dedicated and responsive. We remain confident that the Mellitus Assay will complete product development within our timelines, thanks to our Development Partner, R&D Systems.

Bruce H. Phelps, Technology Consultant


R&D Systems unrivaled reputation for quality has made Quantikine® ELISA Kits the gold standard and most referenced, ready-to-use ELISAs in the industry.


Our scientists have developed hundreds of unique diluents and have decades of experience optimizing conditions to detect a range of analytes.


Throughout the iterative immunoassay development process, our expert scientists and project management team will provide data reports and recommendations for assay improvements. As projects evolve, we have quality management systems and regulatory affairs in place to support every need, from basic discovery research, preclinical and clinical research through companion diagnostic applications.

Available Services

  • Antibody matched pair screening
  • Assay development and optimization
  • Complete ELISA kit manufacturing
  • Precision automated microplate coating
  • Translation to automated platforms
  • Facilitate the transition from RUO to IVD