Cell Culture

Cell Culture Media Supplements

Designs, manufactures, and validates media supplements for use in a variety of cell culture systems. We offer serum-free supplements for commonly-used laboratory cell lines as well as for more specialized cells, such as primary neurons and stem cells. All of our supplements are designed, produced, and validated in-house. Each lot of supplement is checked for performance consistency by our in-house quality team, relieving you of unnecessary batch-to-batch screening. Stop worrying about your media and to start getting optimal cell growth and differentiation.

General Use Media Supplements

N21-MAX Media Supplements

Optimized alternatives to the standard B27 supplements.

N-2 Media Supplements

Serum-free supplements for neural and stem cell cultures.

ITS Media Supplement

Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium Media Supplement to support cell proliferation under low serum conditions.

L-Glutamine (Ala-Gln)

Stable form of L-glutamine for supplementation into cell culture media.


Facilitates the delivery of cytosolic iron through a receptor-mediated process.

Supplements for Specialized Cell Culture

Neural Media Supplements

Formulated to provide optimal growth conditions for neurons and neural stem cell cultures.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Media Supplements

Specialized media optimized and validated for mesenchymal stem cell cultures.

Methylcellulose for Hematopoietic Stem Cells

For human, mouse, and rat hematopoietic stem cell growth and differentiation.


CryoDefend® - Cell Lines

For defined, protein-free cryopreservation of cultured cells.

CryoDefend® - Stem Cells

For defined, protein-free cryopreservation of stem cells.

StemXVivo® Serum-Free MSC Freezing Media

Freezing media for human, mouse, and rat MSC cryopreservation.