GMP Proteins

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-grade Proteins

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As the promise of cellular therapies grow, so does the need for high-quality raw material and ancillary components for ex vivo cell manufacturing, including GMP cytokines and growth factors. Our large supply of GMP proteins is backed by our dedication to providing cell therapy manufacturers a consistent, safe, and traceable supply of reagents. View our GMP protein portfolio below or browse our full cell and gene therapy manufacturing portfolio at

Full transparency and traceability of source and manufacturing system is necessary for building a cell therapy product. This GMP protein list includes manufacturing source and whether it was under an animal-free or animal component free processes. (ACFP)

GMP Proteins

GMP Protein Catalog # Source
Activin A 338-GMP CHO
BDNF 248-GMP Sf21
BMP-4 314-GMP NS0
Dkk-1 5439-GMP Sf21
GDF-11 1958-GMP E.coli
GDF-8/Myostatin 788-GMP NS0
IL-12 219-GMP Sf21
KGF/FGF-7 251-GMP E.coli
Noggin 6057-GMP NS0
Noggin Fc Tag 3344-GMP NS0
NRG1 β1 396-GMP E.coli
NT-3 267-GMP Sf21
TGF-β1 240-GMP CHO
Wnt-3a 5036-GMP CHO


GMP Protein Catalog # Source
EGF 236-GMP E.coli
FGF basic (145 aa) 3718-GMP E.coli
FGF basic (146 aa) 233-GMP E.coli
GM-CSF 215-GMP E.coli
IFN-γ 285-GMP E.coli
IGF-I 291-GMP E.coli
IL-15 247-GMP E.coli
IL-1β 201-GMP E.coli
IL-2 202-GMP E.coli
IL-3 203-GMP E.coli
IL-4 204-GMP E.coli
IL-6 206-GMP E.coli
IL-7 207-GMP E.coli
IL-15 247-GMP E.coli
IL-21 8879-GMP E.coli
LR3 IGF-I 8335D-GMP E.coli
M-CSF 216-GMP E.coli
PDGF-AA 221-GMP E.coli
PDGF-BB 220-GMP E.coli
SCF/c-kit Ligand 255B-GMP E.coli
Sonic Hedgehog (C24II) N-Terminus 1845-GMP E.coli
Sonic Hedgehog N-Terminus 1314-GMP E.coli
TNF-a 210-GMP E.coli

ACFP GMP Proteins

GMP Protein Catalog # Source
Fibronectin 4305B-GMP Sf9
Flt-3 Ligand 308-GMP Sf9
IL-11 218-GMP Sf9
TGF-β1 240AF-GMP Sf9
TGF-β3 243-GMP Sf9
VEGF 165 293-GMP Sf9

GMP Proteins by Cell Type

Advanced cell therapies using immune cells (CAR T or Natural Killer Cells) and stem cells are rapidly progressing through clinical trials. Find the GMP raw materials you need by specific cell type.

Certificate of Analysis Specifications

Each lot of GMP protein manufactured comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that documents the quality systems and product specifications. Prior to protein COA release, a full QA review of all batch and bottling records is performed. Here is what you can expect to find on our COAs:

  • Source information
  • N-terminal sequencing of the first 10 amino acids
  • Purity by SDS-PAGE and Mass Spectrometry
  • Bioactivity testing calibrated to WHO International Standards
  • Sterility testing to USP
  • Endotoxin levels
  • Certification and Regulatory Guidelines followed, including:
    • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016-certified facility
    • USP Chapter <1043>, Ancillary Materials for Cell, Gene, and Tissue-Engineered Products
    • USP Chapter <92>, Growth Factors and Cytokines Used in Cell Therapy Manufacturing
    • Ph. Eur. General Chapter 5.2.12, Raw Materials of Biological Origin for the Production of Cell-based and Gene Therapy Medicinal Products