Peptides and Proteins

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Peptides and Proteins

Offers nearly 50,000 highly purified peptides and proteins that consistently produce robust and reliable results.

Peptides and Proteins Categories

Biologically Active Proteins

Choose from hundreds of bioactive proteins for functional assays including cell proliferation assays, enzyme assays, or functional ELISAs.

ProDot Proteins

Eliminate aliquoting with lyophilized ProDot Proteins for simple cell culture media preparation.

Recombinant Proteins

Over 13,000 highly purified peptides and proteins available for a wide variety of research areas.

Native Proteins

Find functional native proteins isolated from serum, cell, and tissue sources.

Carrier Free

Many products are available Carrier-Free (without BSA or other protein additives) for use in labeling or in-vivo applications.

Blocking Antigens

Find blocking peptides and proteins for use as quality controls to confirm antibody specificity.

Custom Services

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We can easily scale up protein production to meet your research needs. Please email to learn more.

Custom Protein Production

Can’t find the exact protein you’re looking for? We will express and purify any protein to your exact specifications. We can also scale-up protein production for large, industrial projects without compromise.